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Hackathaton Healthcare - eHealth, who are the coaches?




On June 24-26, 2020, Wild Code School partners with 2 French unicorns--Doctolib, the European leader in eHealth, and Dataiku, the centralized Data Science and Analytics platform--for a virtual hackathon to foster technological innovation in healthcare.

Some of their experts have volunteered to be coaches during the event. But who are they?

Alexandre Ignjatovic

Skillset: Dev, Backend, Software Architecture, Startups, Management.

Alexandre is an engineering manager at Doctolib. Passionate about technology, he spent more than 15 years building great teams and great products. He can’t resist the urge to code and tinker on his free time.

Arnaud Milleker

Skillset: SQL, Databases, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Management, Python

Passionate about Data since 10 years, Arnaud likes to learn and share his enthusiasm about it. Let him now if you have any questions ! He will help you to find the Data answer you need.

Malick KonateSkillset: SQL, Databases, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Visualization, Python

Malick started in the data ecosystem with business intelligence projects in data engineering and data visualization. He is now Data Scientist at Dataiku in Paris, where he supports our customers in building efficient data science projects and deploying them into production. 

Eshane Rawat

Skillset : project management, healthcare industry, HIS, interoperability

Eshane is passionate about the french health industry. He likes to share what he knows about the variety of healthcare related softwares. He's also an avid climber and can talk about that for hours.

Florent Beaurain

Skillset: Development, Software Architecture, Startups

Florent is a passionate software engineer. Very qualified to start a lot of projects, more than finishing them, he has a great mastery of the "rails new" command. He is as well involved in the open source community and loves to share about his work.

Garance Bigo

Skillset: Graphic design, Illustration, Motion design, Icon design

Garance is a graphic designer who’s especially fond of illustration and motion design. Don’t hesitate to ask her questions regarding logo design, icons, graphic charters or anything related to the design of your project.

Matthieu Kern

Skillset: management, senior fullstack developer, product vision, user first

Matthieu brings an expertise and an energy to build the most valuable product for his clients. You can’t find somebody more pragmatic than him.

Maxime Mezin

Skillset : Cloud, Data Engineering, Architecture, Management

Maxime is an engineering director at Doctolib. Passionate about Technology and Data, he spent last 15 years building data teams and products. 

Otherwise, lifelong learner so anything new will get his attention.

Quentin Menoret

Skillset: Development, Node.js, Software architecture, Interoperability

Passionate Software engineer, currently managing a team working on Interoperability in healthcare. Highly skilled at not winning hackathons, but always in to participate. Had the opportunity to help organize Medidays for Doctolib, so have some experience with such events.

Raphael Lorand

Skillset: UX research and strategy, Digital Product design from ideation to handoff.

Raphaël is an experienced Product Designer who worked for various industries and startups and who try to build products that people love to use and recommend. You can ask him about every design need from advice on the Design Thinking methodology to Growth Design issues.

Stan Chollet

Skillset: Management, Software Architecture, Open Source, Public Speaking

Stan is a passionate engineer with a lot energy, currently focused on both management and knowledge sharing, he loves sharing point of view about tech stuff at Conferences/Meetups and also by participating to the Open Source Community.

Thomas Bouhon

Skillset: Data Engineering, Conception, Python and a bit of Marketing

If you can tolerate his accent, Thomas will share his advice and help you on many topics. Otherwise he is passionate about cooking, climbing and role-playing games.

Xavier Villelégier

Skillset: Dev, Frontend, Mobile, UX

Xavier is a full stack developer at Doctolib. Graduated from EPITA in 2019 and after 3 months of volunteering in Bali, he joined the Patient Identity Management team to help develop healthcare (and to grow de la ciboulette 🌱)

Yusuf Daniju

Skillset: Software Engineering, Food Processing & Storage, Operations Research and Consultancy

Yusuf is passionate about delivering products that improve food quality, health and wellness.

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